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Driving the ice-cream van....

Ryan Taylor

Keyboards, Backing Vocals, General Showboating


Where to begin with Ryan? He's a busy guy so I've had to lift the bare facts from his 'Who's Who' entry *:

...Performed on many of the world's great stages,  from Tinsley to Tasmania, Darnall to Dubai, Gleadless to Glastonbury...
Award winning composer (Royal Society) 
Graduate of Leeds Conservatoire Jazz Pathway 
Musical Director for Steve Edwards, and locally plays keys with Nicola Farnon, Julian Jones and his own 'Power Trio' blah blah, everyone loves a smart arse.

Ryan joined the Dizzies in 2004 due to an administrative error. On the bit that says date of birth - we couldn't read his handwriting. He has tried to leave several times since but we actually won't let him. We know when we're onto a good thing and a contract is a contract after all. What would we do without him? Virtuoso soloist, our wardrobe and consultant, hair styling advisor, the list just goes on. **

He has single handedly reduced the band average age to 48, and sprinkled hipster cool like so much fairy dust over the gathered assemblage. You ain't going anywhere Ry... 😎

(* Hillsborough edition)
(** no it doesn't)

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